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Hi, my Name is Marilyn Rigby and I am running for a position of the Utah House of Representatives in District 72.

I believe the positions that we hold in public office, especially locally, are extremely important and touch our citizens at the grass roots of our nation. When we listen and help our communities, we, make a better world for all of us.

  As I retired from Intermountain Healthcare,  I experienced many wonderful opportunities that have prepared me for the position of Utah House of Representatives over my years in these leadership positions. I am a team player and a good listener. If you VOTE Rigby for Utah House of Representatives in District 72, I promised to listen and care for our beautiful community and our communities the very best that I can. I promise to be a good team player and to look out for a safety and the welfare of every person.  Vote for Rigby and I will hear your voice. 

We live in beautiful state and we want to make sure we have enough water, enough housing for everyone and a safety in our blooming communities. We are all very important   and we all count. I have always thought that our creator made us all equal and all equally important.  We need to listen. . We have many concerns in our community because of our rapid growth. Our biggest concerns are water, affordable housing, and growth. With our rapid growth we need to be concerned about the environment, transportation, our roads and the well being of our state and our communities. We need to think of ways to grow comfortably. Every single person has special needs and desires. We need to keep on top of all of our needs in our homes and communities. We need to find ways to keep every single person safe and to be able to have appropriate affordable housing. We need to be able to provide a safe affordable happy life for all of us that live in this lovely town. We can do this. We will be the model place for other fast growing towns to follow.  What I intend to do as a citizen and a member of the Utah House of Representatives, is listen to every voice.  Vote for me, I promise to listen.  

Vote Rigby for House District 72

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