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After living in St. George for 6 years, I have become aware of some issues that have an effect on the community.

I decided I would talk with people that live in our community to find out what they are concerned about. We are all concerned about the same things. The biggest concerns are the rapid growth of our communities. Will we have enough water for all of us?

These were the biggest concerns

!.  My husband and I have great jobs and we want to start a family. We want to have a home before I get pregnant. I don’t see how we can get enough money saved to do that because homes are so expensive and the down payment is so high. I know we need to start with a smaller home but they are so expensive too. The rent is so much that it is hard to save money.

2. I am concerned about the rapid growth of our communities. I am afraid we will not have enough water.

3. The water is going to be a problem if we keep on growing like we are.

4. People moving here from California have caused the homes to be so expensive.

5. We have heard they are talking about getting rid of Famers Market at the Park. We are so worried about that. This is where we sell our goods to make extra money to live on. This is so important for us because it gives us a reason to get up in the morning. It is cool here because of the trees and we are keeping the park clean and beautiful.

6. I am concerned about our safety as this city grows.

These are all concerns. I have lived in SLC and California and I know how important it is to listen and grow our communities in a safe, prosperous way that benefits every single person.

I know how to conserve water and I will share those important ways with you. We did them in California.

I know that we need to have enough roads, transportation, activities, and housing for everyone. We need to build parks, water parks, night entertainment and activities that are inexpensive. We need to have whatever it takes, education, policemen, security, roads, and transportation. We will keep talking and listening. IT takes all of us to grow our city the right way, the safe way.

This is, Our Community, Our Rights, Our Future

Vote for Rigby, Let me share your voice on our Utah House of Representatives.  Together we can get things done. 

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