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Today I visited the good people of of St. George at the Farmer's Market. I was amazed at how many people were willing to give me a few minutes of their time. I heard many complaints, fears and worry about the changes that are happening in St. George and all of Washington County. 

Here is where I stand as a City Council candidate:  If elected, I will listen.  Every single citizen is important to me. The City Council exists because we elected them.  It is their duty to  listen, make good decisions and  be transparent.  I feel the doors should be open to Council meetings.  I hear your ideas, complaints and concerns, so too should the City Council. This position was set as a non Partisan position so that City Council members would consider every single citizen, not just those who belong to a specific party.  If we mixed party into this position, some voices may not be listened to and respected.  Every person who lives in our city needs to be listened to and their views respected equally.  I will listen to every single voice.  We the people always need to come together. We are all important. We can have a great team. Thank you, for giving me your time. 

Committee to Elect Marilyn Rigby
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